The Apocalypse of the Cross and the End of History

"Our eschatology shapes our ethics." - Rob Bell, Love Wins Eschatology (the study of the last things) is often reading and interpreting one’s own time. For ancient Jews and early Christians, eschatological readings of history were done through apocalyptic (revelatory) events or writings which colored their understanding of the last things. In this sense, an apocalypse… Continue reading The Apocalypse of the Cross and the End of History

“Why God?”

I started asking a question during my Junior year of high school which would forever change my life, "Why God?" To clarify, by "why God?" I didn't mean "why, God?" I wasn't pleading for God to reveal the hidden meanings of life's tragedies (although... to be honest, I contended with the absurdity of existence plenty… Continue reading “Why God?”

Theology I & Irenaeus of Lyon

I believe I was in my Sophomore year the day when I realized we were going to have a substitute teacher in Theology I. As I walked into class on that Thursday afternoon at first I rolled my eyes because I thought I was going to get a subpar lecture from a 2nd rate professor. I could not be further from the truth.